Make Life Awesome

I’ll come right out and say it…

My life is awesome!

But it can be better, and so can I.

Join me as I aspire to be the best father, husband, and person possible.

I started a business! Discover what it’s like to work with sharp knives and tools by hiring me and supporting the endeavor. Visit the American Edge page for details.

Permaculture has inspired me to apply my engineering mind to my homestead. Follow my blog and learn with me to instill resilience into our lives.

I am working on finding and building my tribe. Reach out and let me know you’re out there. Motivation, success and so much more come from solid partnerships.

The only thing you can change is the future, and the best time to start was yesterday.

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About Me


Matthew Rowell

Research Vessel Captain

Lieutenant Commander, USN

A homesteading, ocean going, engineering, knife sharpening, family man.