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Quasi Raised Beds

My gardening approach this year is to address weeding very early in the game so that I will have to spend less time during the grow period. Here are some methods I’m using:

  1. Clearly delineating growing sections and using newspaper and hay/cut grass on the walking sections. (This is a great way to add organic material to the garden over the course of a season.)
  2. Black plastic mulch for squash, pumpkins and cucumbers. (Keeps weeds out and moisture in)
  3. Red plastic mulch for tomatoes, and maybe peppers.
  4. The subject of this post, Quasi Raised Beds.

The quasi raised beds are built from 2×6 rough lumber. The long sides are cut to 9′ and the short sides to 5′. I made a 2″ notch starting 6″ in from the end of each piece. I mound up the soil in one spot, place the boards around the mound and piece them together in the notches. The pictures should more clearly describe the procedure.

In any event, at the end of the growing season these will come apart super easy and can be stored for next year. It also allows me to rotate crops easily and modify the design of the garden plot from year to year. Most importantly, I hope it will make it much easier to contain the spread of the weeds.

These photos hopefully illustrate how the notching process works. The one laying across the top has notches that fall right into the two on the floor. Bam!


Here’s how it comes together in the garden.



Next up will be to add some newspaper and hay around the perimeter and throw down some square foot gardening techniques in the quasi-raised beds.