Monthly Archives: September 2015

A New Approach

The process of getting mobilized is indeed an emotional roller coaster of sorts. But, while I was checking in it occurred to me that, what if this is the best thing that happens to us, meaning myself and family?

How could that be, or better yet, how could I lend a hand to destiny so that it is?

Well, here’s how. This is an opportunity for me to be reminded daily that I would rather be home. Let that serve as a daily reminder that I need to be pursuing mechanisms to free me from the chains of the system, the grind, the working for the boss. Furthermore, in the absence of my family I need to re-embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and get busy.

Here are some new commitments:

  • Reform my habits to return a culture of fitness to my life.
  • Start the daily writing of the affirmation that, I, Matthew Rowell, will become financially independent from the system.

I woke up this morning and ran along the coast with intermittent pushups, dips and situps. Now I’m posting on my blog. Keep it up, man.

Getting put on hold


I’ve been invited to spend a year in Africa. Though I’d rather keep working the homestead, I didn’t have much say in the matter. My hopes are to keep improving the site and online marketplace while I’m away but I can’t really say for sure how this will all shake out.

Keep the light on for me, Kat 🙂