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Hats off to Tiny

First, let’s get a couple things straight.

  1. Tiny…is not his real name.
  2. Tiny…is not Tiny. In fact, he’s jacked, which is, naturally, why we call him…Tiny.
  3. If there is a runner up for the “ultimate sacrifice” for ones country, in my humble opinion, it would be missing the birth of ones child.

Cliff notes version:

Please join me in congratulating Tiny for the birth of his baby girl, Lauren. Mom and daughter are healthy. Tiny was involuntarily mobilized in the midst of planned parenthood, which I can relate to intimately. We went though the pre-mobilization training together which is where we got to know each other. I clearly remember the conversation waiting in the chow line at the DFAC when I learned his wife would be birthing their child without him. We must count our blessings, and one in this story is that he was able to FaceTime the whole thing.

Let me just throw it out there that I was fuming about the blatant disregard to everything going on in my life when duty called. Tiny did a far better job than I would have coming to terms with the circumstances. A good man, and a great Dad. Cheers, Tiny.

A call to service:

What have you sacrificed in your own life for the benefit of others?

It doesn’t have to be combating extremist organizations around the globe. I implore you to help your neighbor, your community, your school or church. Make it a habit to donate to the food bank, or pick trash out of a river, or bring dinner to a new mother and family. It doesn’t have to be hard. If we all approached life with that mindset it would come back to us a hundred times over.

God Bless America. I’m surrounded by heroes.

Warrior Chow: This isn’t ‘Nam

There are rules. Five of them. Taken right from The Four Hour Body.

  1. Avoid white carbs, or anything that can be white. (except cauliflower)
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again.
  3. Don’t drink calories.
  4. Don’t eat fruit.
  5. Take one day off per week and go nuts.

Fortunately, life on Camp is very well suited to these rules. Let’s take a look.

  1. My own opinion is that this one is a big deal. The first day into the diet I already felt the reduction of carbs. And it feels good. The chow line has lots of options, so this is a discipline requirement only.
  2. The galley makes this easy.
    • Breakfast is scrambled eggs with whatever meat they have, and salsa. Water and coffee.
    • Lunch is chicken salad. Not the mayo type, like chicken…and salad, tracking? Balsamic vinaigrette. Save the bleu cheese for Saturday.
    • Dinner is some lean protein and mixed vege’s. Easy. A little Frank’s hot sauce for jazz.
  3. Water. Hydrate. All day every day. The water here tastes good, and they make it very available. Because if they didn’t we would die.
  4. The fruit here sucks.
  5. Amen brotha. Ice cream is offered on Saturday, so that’s a no brainer.

Two more notes are important.

  1. Drink a crap ton of water! (We have a urine color flow chart at each urinal, so urine color serves as a solid conversation starter. Buddy: “How’s your urine?” Me: “Oh, pretty good man, right up there between Well Hydrated and Optimal. Thanks for asking battle buddy.”)
  2. No limits on volume of chow. With the remaining food options the calorie density is comparatively low. No need to go hungry, just eat more. The Galley does not limit our intake.


Eat as much allowable food as you need and save the sweets and other gluttonous goodness for one day a week. Spike that glycemic intake and satisfy all the cravings. I’m not even one week in and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I killed a taco salad last night. It was so big I had to hold my tray with two hands. Ice cream on Saturday, and cookies, and pizza, milk, some Dew, a couple beers (not more than 2), and a sweetened iced coffee.

PT (exercise) regiment to follow…

How we got here.

The rotator. Sounds sexy.

A government chartered 767 from Atlas Air. She flies here and back every two weeks. Here’s how it went down for me:

  • 0200 – board the plane in Norfolk at the AMC terminal on base.
  • 0300 – start rolling.
  • Lose track of time
  • Land in Rota, Spain. Deplane for a few hours. Can’t say I didn’t wish the plane broke down here.
  • Jet over to Sigonella. Same routine as in Spain.
  • Jet over to Bahrain. Same same.
  • Jet into Djibouti

I’ve done a few flights to Asia over the last few years, so I’m a seasoned traveler, but that didn’t keep me from feeling like crap when I got off the plane in DJ. A couple things worth noting:

  1. We did have stewardesses, some of whom wanted to be there as badly as I did. Some were rather pleasant.
  2. O6 and above got preferential seating, it was on a first come basis for everyone else.
  3. They showed movies, sometimes twice.
  4. They served pretty typical airline food. I ate it but preferred my jerky.
  5. At each stop service members hopped off. We probably picked up a few at each stop too.
  6. No pictures on the tarmac.
  7. No booze.
  8. All my bags made it!

I’m not into putting pills in my body, but must confess I graciously accepted some sleeping pills from my class pusherman. I was zonked out for pretty much the entire jump across the pond. Even given the trials and tribulations of flying to Djibouti I do have to say, I’m really looking forward to getting back on and doing it all in reverse.


Blogging “from away”

When you’re not born in Maine, and you live there, you’re know as being “from away”. I’d sure love to be in Maine, or better yet, NH right now, but alas, I’m not. So, let’s see if I can drive this train “from away”.

CLU Move In

Me sitting on the front porch of my new home.

I live in what’s called a CLU “clew” (Containerized Living Unit) in the African desert. Which is about as nice as it sounds. Regardless, I recently regained access to the internet, which is surprisingly nice having gone without, well with limited access, for the last few weeks.

So, how do we squeeze some lemonade out of this lemon? Number 1: Set goals. After considerable thought mine are to get this bod to 12% body fat, get 100 CWW sales from people I don’t know, and win the GWOT (Global War on Terrorism). That last one is a wee lofty but it’s what we came here to do so let’s get after it.

Goal 1: Redefining this warrior. I’m not too worried about this. I’ll need the PT to maintain sanity but to get the push I need I am re-reading The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. I’ll also start a PT log and potentially a food log. The chow here is actually pretty good, and it’s all you can eat for each meal so I’ll need to dig into some discipline.

Goal 2: I have 9 woodworking plans posted now. The trick is to build a client base, tune the website and get learned up on Internet marketing.

Goal 3: Most of this stuff won’t make it on the blog. The line between super squirrely secret and common sense is blurry sometimes, so it’s best that I keep most of my job to myself. That said, I’m slotted to be a contingency planner in the CJTF-HOA J5 shop, which means nothing to pretty much most people in the world. Not me, man. That’s my baby for the next 326 days, but whose counting?

Doin’ It

I’m making it happen. All my plans are now re-listed online, this time on this website. Also, I’ve been running, pushing and pulling to get this ol’ bod back in shape. I even got to huck some hammers last night in the rain (Ultimate Frisbee lingo).

The next step is to redirect my to the current location for the plans. Then I need to tackle the marketing to get the word out that these are available. I suspect I will start the push on social media, but the real deal is to find the right people drawing crowds out there and get their support.

Of course, there is also the layer light. I need to get that code up on GitHub, and develop the kit with some more pictures and building directions. Drive hard, drive smart, and this truck will roll.