Monthly Archives: April 2016

One Day

Profound experiences don’t have to come with pomp and circumstance. I got one on my way home last night. It was dark out, I got off later than usual. Taking the back road to the West End I was passed by a young man on a bicycle. I’m not sure if he was a service member, more likely a KBR employee. His phone was playing aloud a song I love, and haven’t listened to in a while, One Day by Matisyahu.

Without thinking I began singing along, I know the lyrics well, and that’s when the irony hit me, and in a profound way. Continue reading

The Keystone Habit that Changed My Life

I am not afraid to confess that this deployment has given me the blues like I’ve never had before. I have a new respect for troops suffering from PTSD, and in particular, those whose traumatic stress is combat related. I have never seen combat, and I am thankful for that, but nevertheless, the sequence of events that brought me to where I am have challenged my commitment to the system.

It’s like shopping for a new car. Once you know the one you want you can’t help but see every damn one of them. My buddy Big Steve is looking for a Jeep. He couldn’t drive past a Walmart Continue reading