Monthly Archives: June 2016

Into the home stretch

Purchase I’m into – my Bose Bluetooth around the ear wireless headphones. Cutting the cord was a big deal to me, and sound quality. There’s a lot of options out there, but I knew if I spend the dough Bose wouldn’t let me down. I walk with them, run with them, PT with them, travel with them, and meditate with them.

App I’m into – Calm. You read that right, meditate. Game changer. Carries a stigma in opposition to manly men stuff, but get over it and you’ll thank me. I tried Headspace, wasn’t my bag. Calm is the bomb. I meditate every morning before hiking into work. There’s more in it than this post allows, but overall it’s helped me recognize that the only time there is, is now. Dig it. Don’t dwell on the past, or fret about the future.

Entertainment I’m into – Vlogs (Video Blogs). In particular Justin Rhodes with Abundant Permaculture. I bought his video ‘Permaculture Chickens’ after hearing him on The Survival Podcast and have been a follower ever since. He’s invited the world into his farmstead. In so doing he’s provided me inspiration as a father and homesteader. Good dude with a beautiful family. A vlogger that inspires him is Casey Neistat. He’s a NY City slicker, but a great videographer and editor.

Future technology I’m into – the Boosted Board. We now live in the future, it’s cool, embrace it, and check out the Boosted Board. I first heard about it from Geoff Lawton, but Casey captures some awesome videography with it, I think it holds a lot of potential in areas with high population density. People say it’s expensive, and it is, but it’s awesome. And if you compare it to the cost of an automobile in the city, pennies on the dollar.

Book I’m into – The River of Doubt. Teddy Roosevelt has been inspirational to me for a long time. He deserves at least some credit for my National Parks tour of the US I took in my twenties. This book was an awesome combination of factual history and story telling. I love stories (e.g. Travis McGee and Dirk Pitt) but I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time reading fiction when I could be learning real world stuff.

Activity I’m into – Ultimate Frisbee. I’m so glad pickup games are still taking place. Once a week. Most of the cats are real cool, and it’s an awesome workout. I hope I can get into some pickup or league play when I get home.

Inspiration I’m into – Less than 90 days. A big wave of guys I’ve worked with since I got here just took off, that means I’m not far behind them. A few more months and I’m out. Make the days count, don’t count the days. Six-pack abs, permaculture wizardry and a peaceful mind. I got this.