Monthly Archives: October 2016

Back to work & happy about it

I took 3 weeks with the family between returning from deployment and going back to my day job. We fit in a trip, just the three of us, to Smuggs, another trip to Maryland for a family reunion and a few days at home. Starting back to work on a Wednesday was a good idea. It takes a day or three to catch up with the usual suspects and regrease the wheels of action. Next Monday will really mark go-time for me.

It’s been a slow tackle on the honey-do list at home and I’ve caught myself a few times reverting to the old days where I allow myself to feel stress about all the things to do. It’s just wonderful to have so many things that make me so excited to take on. The trick is to continue to recognize that it doesn’t all have to happen, it won’t all happen, and it doesn’t matter. Life is meant to be fun.

My Applied Permaculture Project is getting worked. I have my knife sharpening station set up on my bench in the basement and I’m working through the household knives. I called Orion Tree Service yesterday and offered to sharpen their knives in exchange for wood chips. He thought I meant chipper knives, but was still willing to add me to the “Chip List”.

Video remains my goal for disseminating and sharing the goodness. I have a bunch of imagery showing how I’ve handled some critters, and of some work I had to do right away on our vehicles. My first compilation is going onto YouTube now, and it’s of our family trip to Smuggs. I found free music at “Free Music Archive” and am using Movie Maker to compile. I tried getting tunes from YouTube but no joy. I am not particularly happy with Movie Maker but am not in a position to spend money yet. If it takes off, I’ll upgrade. I’m excited about integrating project videos into my full time job at UNH, and it’s a good way to bring visitors to my channel.

The critical lessons of mindfullness and patience that I strived to engrain into my being has proven effective so far, with only a few hiccups. Kathleen likes that I drink less, Lilly likes that I give her hugs and kisses in person. I like that I feel more at peace with my life. Bogart and I have a favorite morning walking trail and he enjoys our ritual of string cheese treats for tricks after our walk.

Perhaps the most recurring theme for me lately is that we, Americans, have no idea how good we have it.