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Sharpen your Knives

Schedule a Drop Off in Lee, NH

I professionally sharpen knives to a better than new condition.  I can handle any size knife from pen knives to machete’s. Turnaround time is dependent on work flow, but same day or overnight service is available if necessary.

What else do you need sharpened?


Kitchen knives cost $1 per inch.

Pocket knives, to include folding knives and tactical knives, cost $15 plus $5 for tanto blades.

Hatchets/Axes(single head only) are $15

Classes cost $95. I’ll spend about 2 hours teaching you how sharpen your own knife.

Ask about: scissors, shears, garden tools, chisels and more.

The Story:

This story starts in Djibouti, a tiny country in Africa considered by the rest of the World to be very strategically important.

The Navy sent me to Djibouti. I’m cool with that, and proud to be the 1% of Americans who serve in the time of war.

The time in the desert allowed reflection and renewed motivation for self-sufficiency. I capitalized on this motivation by diving head first into a self-directed study of permaculture. Over the course of that year in Djibouti I wrote, what I call, my Permaculture Thesis. The first chapter in what I hope is a long book of my pursuit to happiness.

I have dreams but I also have obligations. My foremost obligation is to my family. I have a full time job (UNH), and a part time job (Navy Reserves) in order to make ends meet and keep my family fed and warm. Knife sharpening feeds my soul, and is my passion to make something bigger in my life for my family. Working the land. Raising and growing the best food on earth.

Proceeds from knife sharpening go toward: fencing, t-posts, rainwater barrels, chicks, tools, seeds and everything else to bring the Applied Permaculture Project to reality. It feeds my passion to bring health and happiness to my family.

Thanks for becoming part of the dream.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What equipment do you use to sharpen knives?Edge Pro Apex

  • I use the Edge Pro Apex, arguably the best hand sharpening system available. I use a selection of whetstones to precisely set the bevel angle of your knife along the whole length of the blade. Working through continuously finer stones I can apply a polished mirror finish like you’ve never seen.

Q: Can you do serrated, or partially serrated blades?

  • Most serrated knives are flat on one side of the blade with the serrations ground on the other. With the Edge Pro I can sharpen the flat side and I have a selection of ceramic and steel hones to remove the burr within each serration.

Q: Do you teach knife sharpening?

Q: Can you do scissors?

  • Yes.

Q: Do you sharpen by mail?

  • Of course. Send me an email and I’ll provide the shipping address. I also ask that you cover return shipping fees.

Q: Do you travel?

  • For the right job. I can pack up my gear and come to you. Doing it this way means you won’t have to go without your knives and you don’t have to pack them all up. Let’s be realistic though. It takes the right job to motivate me to pack up and travel. PS – I’m homebased out of Lee, N.H.

A Gallery of Some of my Work

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