Charitable Woodworking


Charitable Woodworking is a community based business dedicated to teaching woodworking, encouraging community involvement and providing the best quality woodworking plans available.


To develop and sell superior woodworking plans in order to sustain a hands-on woodworking educational center focusing on self-reliance and community involvement.


  1. I combine my passion for woodworking with my experience in engineering design to draft plans that are superior to anything on the market.
  2. I offer the plans for sale and instant download from this website.
  3. I open my woodshop to teach woodworking from design through finish.
  4. I encourage unsolicited giving to build stronger communities by building double and donating one.
  5. An unrelenting focus on the customer.

First Plan is Free 🙂

I’m offering the bike rack plan for free so you can verify the quality of the product. When you Add to Cart just change the price to $0. Everyday is a school day, feedback appreciated. Thank you!
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Woodworking Plans For Sale

Picnic Table The first plan is a rather conventional picnic table suitable for any backyard. Designed out of lumber available at your local hardware store and optimized with cutlist software to minimize the amount of waste wood. All cuts, assembly instructions, and bill of materials are available for $5 instant download.

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Cover Pic

Bench Seat This project came from a source I have forgotten, but it’s been on my porch for years and we still use it daily. Seats two people comfortably and serves well to share stories and libations. Download now and build it this weekend, $5.

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Bookshelf Here is a decorative yet rugged bookshelf. The design gets you into some lap joinery backed up by glue and fasteners. Perhaps this is a good project to start the interior collection in your own home. It’ll be a fun one to show off to guests, especially if it is well stocked. As built it is 30″ tall, 11″ deep and 40″ long. Download now for $5.

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Coat Rack This rack has some Shaker qualities in my eyes. The big trick to work on with this project is the tapered post. A little research and some attention to detail will yield you a very nice product. The joinery is simple and rugged. Most the hardwoods will do you well, especially if you make them shine with some well applied varnish. Every home and office need one, make it special by building your own starting with $5 bucks for the plans.

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Coat Rack Pic

Trestle Dog Feeder I’d put a wager down that this is one you haven’t seen before. I pulled some tips from a trestle table Norm built and turned it into a dog feeder. Your pup will love it for taking a little strain off the neck while he/she’s chowin’ down. I use one bowl for food and one for water. The size as built is appropriate for the dog in the 50 pound range. What’s a few more bucks spent on the pup? $5 download.

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Nimbus Eating

Book Crate Got kids? Know someone who does? This is a must have in the house. Toss in the toys and books to clean up, and it’s like Christmas everyday when the tots get to dig through the crate. We’ve also had great luck donating these with the support of American Pride Woodworking to young children entering the local school system with challenging backgrounds.

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Farmers Table Expand your Shaker skills with this glorious table. Top dimensions are 51″ x 26″. Beautiful tapered legs and rugged mortise and tenon joinery. If it’s time to burn that Ikea table you’ve been dining on, this is a great replacement. Five bucks gets you started.

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Farmers Table Pic

Trestle Bench This is a very decorative interior bench, great for an entry way to kick off the boots, or in the living room for some backup seating. The chamfered seat slats, trestle pins and leg curvature make this a very pretty build in a less than fancy shot. The detailed plans make this a straightforward build, like the rest, $5.

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Trestle Bench Image

Bike Rack

The origin came from something I saw from Lowe’s. If you have the space this is a great organizing solution. However, in the spirit of Charitable Woodworking, this also makes an outstanding donation to your church, school, or park. Easy weekend build. $5

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SW Bike Rack Picture

Donation: As always, donations to support the cause are always graciously accepted. This button will allow you to input a value and make a donation of any size. Add to Cart

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*Purchasing process: When you click on the “Add to Cart” button for any item it will go into a secure shopping cart. The item will be available for download as soon as you process payment. The preferred method of payment is PayPal. Thank you!

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