Feeding Bees

One week in the hive and they have gone through the first batch of food, just shy of a gallon.

This is the phase where the workers are building out all the comb. In the years to come, I can retain frames with comb and ease the burden upon introduction to a new hive, but this year the workers are building on fresh foundation.

All this work requires a lot of food. Could they get it from nature? Probably. I keep thinking of what Michael Jordan of A Bee Friendly Company says, like any livestock, you have to feed them to be healthy.

Once the bees start storing honey, the feeding stops.

I’m feeding a 1:1 mixture of water and sugar. Nothing fancy. Straight up granulated white sugar.

When dissolving the sugar in the water, it’s appropriate to only heat the water hot enough to dissolve the sugar. Overheating (like boiling) is not recommended.

It was premature of me to let the queen out of her cage after only a day. I hear that 3 to 7 days is more appropriate. Let’s hope the workers took to her and didn’t kill her. I’ll be doing an inspection soon and should know then.

One thought on “Feeding Bees

  1. Pat

    This is fascinating. I can’t be the only one. Keeping my fingers crossed for the queen. Ahh, the school of hard knocks. Does not always mean a negative, so let’s think positively for the queen. Thanks for the constant education. Please keep it up!


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