Hey Tark

I was scheming with Tals at Langs party.

She said you were conversing not long ago about an open bar at your class reunion.

Not the “free” booze,

But that the bar was bought by one of your classmates who invented/developed something that was purchased by Apple.

And you weren’t that guy.

I wasn’t that guy either.

But, what are you doing about it?

That long chain of simple twists of fate that someday include a major monetary transaction…start with 1 simple twist of fate.

I was telling Tals about starting a knife sharpening business. Here I am, with several engineering degrees, an Officer in the United States Navy who previously operated shipboard nuclear power plants, starting a knife sharpening business.

It would appear…that I’m aiming a little low.

But it’s hard, man! How the hell am I going to sell my chicken coop monitoring app to Apple if I can’t even get my neighbor to let me sharpen her knives?


So, maybe starting a knife sharpening business is a little less about knife sharpening, and more about business.

Maybe what I’m doing is building an email list.

An email list of people who have a history of exchanging money with me, but also know that my word and reputation is legit.

And here’s the thing, man. Let’s go conservative;

  • Let’s say 10% will be repeat customers who take heed and value sharp cutlery and tools and decide to get a new grind every 6 months. Thank you kindly, I love you guys! But that means that 90% walk away.
  • Of those 10%, maybe half will bring me new business. Thanks guys and gals!
  • Of the remaining 5%, maybe half will buy my ebook, or download a building plan, or support me on Patreon, or join my Egg Club, or provide venture capital into my pastured poultry operation, or…
  • BUT! What about those outliers, Tark? The Black Swans. The 1% that actually direct the path of the future.

Could you believe it if what I’m really trying to do is increase my odds of finding or becoming a black swan?

That dude that bought you that tasty IPA, he’s a black swan. Pick his brain clean, man.

Here’s how: find a way to add value to his life, and then extract value to your own. Screw this coffee or lunch BS. Send him something valuable, then do it again, and then send him your pitch for that product that will change the future.

Frankly, I don’t care what you do, but you have to do something. Why?

  1. Because you’re smart enough to influence the direction of man.
  2. You’re wise enough to only do it to better mankind.

Thanks in advance.


PS. Instead of sending you this email, I’m sending it to the world, because it applies to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Hey Tark

  1. Matt

    As I stumbled upon your blog I decided to read the most recent post. Is the challenge in starting the business or is the challenge in making the business worthwhile by making it profitable?

    1. Matthew Post author

      Hi Matt, here’s what I think:
      Everyone (almost) has a million ideas. They dream. They say “If only I thought of that!”
      The thing is…They did think of that, or something, but didn’t take action on it.
      Like going to the gym, the first step is the toughest.
      If you start a side hustle doing something you enjoy, then it becomes fun to figure out ways to market and optimize.

      In summary – Starting the business is the hard part. And don’t start something you hate.

      Cheers man, keep in touch.


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