It might not be your F150 Fuel Pump

Chances are, if you found this as a reader of my blog, you don’t care about this, at least the details.


Here’s some perspective.

YouTube has revolutionized education. It is now the go-to for all walks of life for anyone that needs to do anything, almost.

I use YouTube all the time. In fact, for this job, I learned most of what I needed to do by watching YouTube.

This video addresses the gaps in that education. It’s my attempt to chip in so that the next guy can potentially cut hours off his troubleshooting and repairing.

I have a personal mission to help make people’s lives better by offering words of encouragement towards self-reliance.

A few projects lately have had me on the verge of calling in the ‘professional’. I recently fixed a fuel leak on a marine diesel, but I was close to losing confidence. With this fuel pump I had actually given up, I was going to drive it until it happened again hoping to have a better clue as to why, and then tow it to the shop. A good friend and neighbor hooked me up with a little advice and words of encouragement that probably saved me HUNDREDS of dollars, maybe a $G.

Money is a good reason to work toward self-reliance. I have legitimately saved hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars working on my own cars.

But what’s better…

The Pride.

Man, it feels good to persevere. To be on the cusp of giving up, and powering through.

That first bolt is the hardest. Just suck it up, do your homework, and dive in after it.

4 thoughts on “It might not be your F150 Fuel Pump

  1. Pat

    YouTube has changed lives whether it saves you money or simply educates or provides confidence. As a senior even I have gained from insight on several topics; one end of the spectrum to the other. Slightly over a year ago before undergoing very extensive shoulder surgery, knowing that arm would be totally imobolized for months I watched YouTube videos to learn how to dress myself from all under garments to outerwear. Other females teaching us via video what to do. Trust me, it was invaluable. I practiced before the surgery & was pretty confident when the time came.
    Recently I educated myself via YouTube on the purpose, location of auto sway bars and the noise it makes if loose or broken. Not that I intend to fix it myself but allowed me to have informed intelligent dialogue with my garage man. As a female, I am not at the mercy of the garage man. Doesn’t matter the source of education. YouTube is a wonderful tool dealing with everything from A-Z. Don’t be shy. Start using it and pass the word on.
    Thanks Matt for discussing this.

    1. Matthew Post author

      From surgery to sway bars. That’s what I’m talking about.
      My daughter is turning 4. I think a lot about what she’s going to see in her life. Like, what’s going to make the phone obsolete.
      ‘My parents used to carry a brick around in their pocket everywhere they went!’
      In the school she’s in now I can see that the overhaul on the education system is in progress. Archaic with unstoppable momentum. But it’s changing. Technology has primed us for a shift and it’s been exploited by YouTube.
      Thing is, though, what’s going to replace YouTube?
      Lastly, YouTube is a social platform. There is hope for us that we consciously and purposefully utilized that social platform to share useful knowledge.

  2. t

    As a semi pro musician I often get lost watching You Tube. In my mind, You Tube gives us the ability to listen to and watch great/and not so great entertainers from any era. It is part of our history. T

    1. Matthew Rowell

      I like that concept of YouTube being the archive of this era.
      It’s hard to rewrite history, or put a spin on it, when it’s all on video accessible to everyone.


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