This is stupid…

Burning diesel to cut grass.

Someday I’m going to turn this grass into meat, with the help of some sheep.

Before I can do that I need some capital to invest in fencing and sheep, and time to set it up.

The plan is to buy three sheep in the spring, paddock shift them in the pasture over the summer, and harvest them in the fall.

By raising three, I can keep two, and offset the cost by selling the other. At the moment, I’m leaning toward hair sheep vice wool sheep.

Using permanent fencing to establish my paddocks will be more work up front, but will make it easy to move the sheep. I can also follow the sheep with chickens, or use the paddocks to isolate a flock to control genetics for reproducing.

The sheep have the potential to improve the quality of the pasture by mowing it while fertilizing it, but I can also seed it after I move them out of a paddock to promote specific grasses or variety.

On an aside, while I was mowing I saw some vetch in the field. I’m fairly certain it came from the fall manure mix I planted in my garden last fall, which I’m a super fan of.

Much of the material I’ve learned about paddock shift pasture management has been experimentally researched and published by Greg Judy.

There is something inside a lot of us to want more land. I have it inside me, so I’m confronting it with the reality that the parcel that I do have is far from producing its potential. I have several ambitions with the acre of pasture that is currently in a stall pattern of getting mowed a few times a year.

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  1. Pat

    My friend has always said about grassy areas by the house, regardless of the size….I can mow it or we can eat it. We would buy some chops & roasts – put us on the list!!!


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